Riverboat miner

Top Down Exploration

Go out and explore the dangerous wilds, mine for coal to power your steamboat, but beware of the bandits and use dynamite to fend them off. Buy powerful upgrades and trinkets from your loyal companion on the boat.

  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Language: C++
  • Engine: TGA2D
  • Team Size: 10 Persons

    My Contributions

  • Gameplay
  • Player mechanics and movement, this involved melee attack, thowning dynamites and explotions that kills enemies and explode barrels.
  • Collision
  • I made the collision system, handling all the objects in the world and what they would do if they collided
  • Sound
  • I integrated a fmod wrapper into our codebase, added all of the sounds and made sure they played at the right time.