Action RPG / Top down hack 'n slash

Our tribute to great ARPG series as Diablo and Tortchlight. You play as the viking Ulv on his quest to find Mimers well deep down in the churches catacombs.

  • Duration: 10 weeks
  • Language: C++, Lua
  • Engine: ICE Core Engine (made by us)
  • Team Size: 12 Persons
  • Download fom IndieDB

    My Contributions

  • Gameplay
  • I made the four abilities the player has, they were first prototyped in Lua scripts and then implemented in C++ for preformence.
  • Script Interface
  • Exposed C++ functionallity to Lua with carefull thought about abstration levels.
  • Text
  • Added text support for our engine, this involved loading fonts, rendering strings, and adding an easy interface to the gameplay code.
  • AI
  • I made and designed the companion AI's behaviur. To make sure that he was close but never in the way of the player.